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God Squad Reflection

Word of Encouragement Church is blessed to be a part of the PUP God Squad, nearly 3 years in total. As a Pastor in the Christian faith, three has quite a bit of spiritual significance; and is widely celebrated when things occur in threes. Three is spiritually symbolic of resurrection and perfected completion; it also suggests an expectation in the spirit realm of supernatural movement, and divine intervention. The past nearly three years, has without a doubt, been, a move of God. From the launching of our church to all the connections experienced with so many different and wonderful people and organizations. When asked, “How is the church going?” My staple reply is “God is Kind!” How Kind of God to allow our beginnings to be in such beautiful community, with beautiful people, doing beautiful work. April 20, 2017 we will celebrate our 3rd year anniversary; its awe inspiring to think how we will experience more supernatural movement and divine intervention; but we know that by Faith, it is coming; and not just for Word of Encouragement Church but for the entire PUP Family!

Dr. Najuma Pollard is the spiritual leader  and Pastor of Word of Encouragement Church

Alone and Together March 4 at Pico Union Project

Alone & TogetherFeaturing Kevin Morby, Sam Cohen, Eric D. Johnson(Fruit Bats), Joe Russo, and Josh Kaufman at the Pico Union Project on March 4, 2017.

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Saffron and Rosewater

Saffron and RosewaterThursday, March 9th @ 7:30pm

An exciting evening of Storytelling with the Jewish Woman’s Theatre.

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Community Resource Fair

Saturday, March 18th @ 10:00am-2:00pm

It’s back, our 3rd annual Pico Union Resource fair For more information click here.

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A few instances of mail theft and fraud have recently been brought to our attention. Please contact Zach at or 818-760-1077 if:

  • Have sent a contribution by mail and not received a thank you letter on PUP stationery.
  • Have you received a letter asking for a donation on notebook paper or other non-official PUP stationery?

All known instances have been reported to the US Postal Investigation Service and we have upgraded our mail delivery service to be more secure.

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