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The Sanctuary@Pico Union is proudly supported by:

The Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles

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PUP Receives Local & National Recognition

PUP RECEIVES LOCAL & NATIONAL RECOGNITIONWe’re dancing a hora after receiving a humbling series of accolades:

  • Commendations from Congressman Ted Lieu, County Supervisor Hilda Solis, and Council Member Gil Cedillo.
  • Selection for Slingshot Guide Los Angeles for innovative non-profits leading the Jewish community
  • Support from the Pico Union Neighborhood Council for our Keep It Green, Keep it Clean initiative
  • Support from the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles in the area of arts education

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I Am America

I am America is an audio and video statement that America can only be what we make it. We can’t afford to be complacent.  We must actively pursue justice and equality for all Americans.  Share the song and the message…we are America!

A God Squad Reflection: Reverent Nat Katz

Reverend Nat KatzFrom what I understand, this reflection should reach your inbox right around a time of sacred importance to several religious and cultural traditions. At the forefront of my mind as an Episcopal priest with the last name Katz are Passover and Holy Week.

These holy observances revolve around memory. To be more accurate, they revolve around inherited memories. We find ourselves curiously united to others by re-telling stories of events that occurred in a distant, ancient past.

Memory is one of the most powerful aspects of our humanity. Memory provides us with our sense of identity – where we come from and who we come from. It can just as easily and effectively tell us who and what we are not. History is rife with examples of the way that memory – especially inherited memory – has been used to appeal to our most violent human tendencies, as well as our most compassionate ones.

So, what about the memories of these holy days makes them transformative for us today?

I would argue that they provide us with examples of Holy Vulnerability. Passover summons the memory of a journey from stability as slaves to a tenuous and vulnerable freedom. It is in Holy Week that Jesus exhorts his closest friends to remember him as a servant and teacher willing to subject himself to the furthest extent of human vulnerability in his betrayal and execution.

In both Passover and Holy Week, we remember that God is never so present to us as human beings as when we are at our most vulnerable. The memories of these holy days remind us that we can choose to make ourselves vulnerable and that if we have the courage to do so, we will find that we are not alone. God is already there.

Number Or Days

Number Our DaysA little video something for your viewing pleasure.

God Squad Reflection

Word of Encouragement Church is blessed to be a part of the PUP God Squad, nearly 3 years in total. As a Pastor in the Christian faith, three has quite a bit of spiritual significance; and is widely celebrated when things occur in threes. Three is spiritually symbolic of resurrection and perfected completion; it also suggests an expectation in the spirit realm of supernatural movement, and divine intervention. The past nearly three years, has without a doubt, been, a move of God. From the launching of our church to all the connections experienced with so many different and wonderful people and organizations. When asked, “How is the church going?” My staple reply is “God is Kind!” How Kind of God to allow our beginnings to be in such beautiful community, with beautiful people, doing beautiful work. April 20, 2017 we will celebrate our 3rd year anniversary; its awe inspiring to think how we will experience more supernatural movement and divine intervention; but we know that by Faith, it is coming; and not just for Word of Encouragement Church but for the entire PUP Family!

Dr. Najuma Pollard is the spiritual leader  and Pastor of Word of Encouragement Church

Have you sent us a contribution by mail?

A few instances of mail theft and fraud have recently been brought to our attention. Please contact Zach at or 818-760-1077 if:

  • Have sent a contribution by mail and not received a thank you letter on PUP stationery.
  • Have you received a letter asking for a donation on notebook paper or other non-official PUP stationery?

All known instances have been reported to the US Postal Investigation Service and we have upgraded our mail delivery service to be more secure.

And now for some other news…

Service with a smile: Synagogue rethinks the High Holy Days

To underwrite a dynamic series of High Holiday programs, Pico Union Project (PUP) launched a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign this summer. In less than two months, donations totaled more than $62,000, supporting a wide range of creative events including teen services, meditative stitching and innovative services with musician Craig Taubman, PUP’s founder and artistic director.

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Help us Build the Holy Ground Kitchen and Cafe

Holy Ground Kitchen & Cafe
“Without flour we miss the mark!”
-Jewish Folk Saying

Help us break ground on the Holy Ground Kitchen & Cafe, a project that will enable us to enhance our programs with meals and cooking classes, increase jobs in our neighborhood, and enable us to become a self sustaining non profit! Act today, thank you for your support!

Judaism Unbound Features Pico Union Project

Judaism Unbound
A timely discussion of art, “soul,” loving our neighbors, and knowing our neighbors featuring PUP leadership team Craig Taubman, Zach Lasker, & Jason Chu.

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