Mi Sheberach Video

Here’s another video featuring the artistry of our go to photographer Bill Aron and video maven Rick Lupert, set to the melody of Craig’s Mi Sheberach. This is for all those in need of healing!

George Tells Our Story

I Am America

I am America is an audio and video statement that America can only be what we make it. We can’t afford to be complacent.  We must actively pursue justice and equality for all Americans.  Share the song and the message…we are America!

A special STORY FROM THE PROJECT – featuring our friends from the Citizen Change Theatre!

Listen in as Gina and Brian Powell from Citizen Change Theatre, a LA theatre group dedicated to representing the stories and cultures of our city, talk about what they see when they visit Pico Union.

And mark your calendars for 8 PM on Saturday, June 2nd, the premiere of CCT’s new project, Language of the Heart, at our historic Sanctuary!

For more on Citizen Change Theatre: http://www.citizenchangetheatre.com/

Stories from the Project: Friends from USC

In this week’s STORIES FROM THE PROJECT video, three friends of the Pico Union Project from USC share what they’ve observed spending time in our neighborhood and with the community around us.

Thank you to Professor Gary Wexler of USC for bringing your students out to the Project and spending your time supporting our neighborhood and work! If you want to come see for yourself, visit us THIS WEDNESDAY at 4:30-6 PM for Vida Sana: Pico Union Project Wellness, our weekly wellness afterschool program!

Stories from the Project: The Neighborhood

Where we live – where we work – where we eat – where we play – where we worship.

A community is drawn together by the rhythms of life; and to love our neighbors is to learn about the spaces that we share and the history that we step into as we walk these streets together.

In this week’s installment of our ongoing Stories from the Project video series, East Los Angeleno historian Shmuel Gonzales of Barrio Boychik takes us on a walk, introducing the beginnings of the Pico Union neighborhood.

Stories from the Project – THE ORGAN

Upstairs in the choir loft sits the organ – an original from the early days of the Pico Union Synagogue, it now invites new hands to come sing new songs!

A couple of weeks ago, we were blessed with the presence of a group of private school girls who came by to explore our space and take in our history – and leave us with a new song.

Jason Chu Interviews Craig Taubman

Shmuel Takes the Screen

Places – buildings, neighborhoods, communities – have a history.

To remember the stories of those who have been here, is to remember our own stories.

In today’s “Stories from the Project” video, Shmuel Gonzales – an East Angeles historian born and raised in Boyle Heights – tells us about the immigrant history of the Pico Union neighborhood: from the Swedish and Greek, to Russian Jews and beyond.

Let’s hear it from George

At the Pico Union Project, we believe that places – buildings, neighborhoods, communities – matter because of the lives that find their space within those walls and streets.

It is impossible to know a place without discovering the stories of that place: its men and women, its mothers, fathers, and children. Its past, present – and future.

Beginning today, we will be posting a new weekly series of "Stories from the Project" – voices from our staff and neighborhood, telling us why and how this place matters to them – and maybe to you as well.

For our first video this week, George Alvarez – caretaker of the Pico Union Project – introduces us to his history with the neighborhood.

The Sanctuary at Pico Union – It’s about Shared Vision

All-female Mosque Unveiled in Los Angeles